• Crop Marks & Bleed Explained

Crop Marks & Bleed Explained

Sometimes when a client receives a proof I’m asked, “What are the lines in the corners for?”

So to simply explain this…

Crop marks are small lines placed at the corners of the document to indicate where the page will be trimmed. They are required because normally, paper can’t be printed to

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  • The Designers Republic

The Designers Republic

I Love tDr.

I remember my first introduction to Sheffield based graphic design outfit The Designers Republic (tDR) back in the early 90′s when some of the guys were wearing P.W.E.I. long-sleeve T-shirts around school (I went to a ‘progressive thinking’ non-uniform educational establishment for a number of years). I was

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  • Vector and Bitmap Images Explained
  • Vector and Bitmap Images Explained

Vector and Bitmap Images Explained

Digital images can normally be categorised into two kinds: vector images and bitmap images. Both have their individual strengths and understanding these will result in more efficient and effective graphic and web design techniques.

Vector images (or ‘vector graphics’) are made up of mathematical definitions to define their colour and form.

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